Prevelly awakening

By Madison Pyke (Guest Blogger)   It may have only taken me twenty-three years but I’ve finally found it. I’ve finally found that place that makes me tick; the place that makes me well up at the sheer volume of beauty that is on offer, to those who seek to find it. When I mention… More Prevelly awakening

Lion King

One of my good friends had her birthday last month and since I’m like most guys and terrible at buying fancy and thoughtful gifts, I decided to put my creative abilities to good use. A lion King birthday card voucher for the upcoming stage production which is returning to Perth, FINALLY!! can’t wait! Along with… More Lion King

Masdar City UAE

After claiming the prize of largest eco-footprint (thats a bad thing), UAE have employed a bunch of visionary city planning architects to develop the first zero emission city housing up to 50,000 inhabitants within a 6km squared dimension (thats a good thing).  Located only 17km south-east from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City already houses a few thousand people,… More Masdar City UAE

Aubrey De Grey

Aubrey De Grey is raising some incredibly difficult issues in Birth and Fatality rates.  If what he is rendering as possible, the ability to slow and eventually control the rate at which we age, do we as humans decide to sacrifice the chance to bring new life into the world because we want to hang… More Aubrey De Grey