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I Still Call Australia Home

Its a song that any aussie home or abroad loves to hear and sends tingles down their spine.
No matter how long you spend overseas the lyrics ring true “I still call australia home”
Compared to the patriotism of the United States, australians aren’t as outlandish and outwardly proud on our own soil. A younger country may be the reason, but I believe its engrained in the culture of our people. We come together when we face adversity, and let me tell you, as soon as you see another aussie when you are overseas, instantly you become ‘mates’.
As men at work once said. He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

Here are three of the versions that QANTAS and the Australian government have produced, the first in 1998, the second in 2001 and a special remake in 2009. My personal favourite is the version from 2001.


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As the first few weeks of winter roll through with some wild weather and cold nights, everyone welcomes it purely as a relief from the steaming hot summer months.  Here in Australia winter is fairly modest… In perth for example, it may only last for a month before it starts to warm and enthusiasm levels to get outside start rising once again.

Whats interesting is the gradual change in seasons through the years, when I was a kid I used to love having a birthday that was in the warmer months (september), a decade and a half on, things have changed and by the time my birthday comes around the weather is still just emerging from hibernation.  This raises a few questions, such as… what will happen to the professional/ school schedules when the seasons eventually switch i.e. northern and southern hemispherical season schedules are flipped.  The schools will have to change the term dates because know one wants to have the long ‘summer’ break through the middle of winter with nothing to look forward to at the end of the year…

If you have another thought as to the repercussions of changing seasons, let us know!

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Drones: No Limitations

Where once you’d have to hire a plane for thousands of dollars to capture amazing aerial footage, we can now spend just a few hundred dollars on a camera fitted or mountable drone.  Being a GoPro and general video editing enthusiast I’ve been super excited to do some research and eventually purchase a drone to get some brand new perspective on ‘being a hero’.

This technology has been around for a while but only recently have my ears pricked up with the release of the DJI phantom drone.  Attached is a gimbal for the camera beneath the drones body which acts as a stabiliser for filming.  These are so important to producing professional looking video edits with smooth panning or tracking.  Not since the first iPhone 3G I got in 2008 have I been so excited about a piece of technology, maybe perhaps GoPro’s Hero camera’s themselves..

If you are new to this I’ve attached a video clip below which shows amazing footage of a drone with attached GoPro flying through a fireworks display!

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The Art of Flight

To anyone who hasn’t seen this magnificent piece of cinematography, the trailer below will sure to suck you in and spit you back out into a whole new world.  With amazing slo-motion scenes capturing helicopters performing insane manoeuvres to drop off the dare-devils on snowy peaks to then perform their own insane manoeuvres the whole film just makes you want to go out and take life by the horns and make something special of it!

Travis Rice and his band of merry (and crazy) men show off their world class snowboarding skills and get themselves into some pretty scary situations.  The Red Bull sponsored project shook me up and slapped me around, but I loved it! and dream to be part of another remarkable film in the future.

Check out the clip below!


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I am currently sitting in a cafe looking over the city of Brisbane, what an awesome city it is.  My Mum, sister and myself made a trip over to the east coast for my cousins wedding.  They are such beautiful events and this will be no exception!  A family of 5 girls who have dreamt about their wedding days more times than I could even imagine.  Preparations nearly complete for the big day, everyone will be glowing and ready to celebrate a new bond.
With a few spare days leading up we decided to drive up the coast to the area I was born, the Sunshine Coast.  Small towns every few km’s up the coast each one held memories which were retold by mum as we passed through or stopped to look around. What a relaxing region of the world.
With peaks on every horizon I decided to climb one, mum joined me and we chose Mt Coolum which sits 208m above sea level.  Relatively simple ascend with some steep sections, we clambered our way towards the sky and reached the summit in about half an hour and sat to take in the views surrounding us.  Below is the photo we took as I set up a self timer with the camera perched on a rock! Behind us looks south towards Mooloolaba and Brisbane beyond.
With only a couple of days left in the sunshine, we are trying to soak up the rays before returning to winter in Perth.  Ohwell, it won’t be long before summer returns and everyday will be perfect! We are pretty lucky!


Call it magic

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Have been listening to this on repeat, it couldn’t have been released at a more poignant time. The beat courses through my veins and the backbeat plucks at my heart strings so beautifully its as though King David himself is tickling his harp. I’ve found myself zoning to this musing broken relationships, that I wish could be different.

This melodramatic ripple delivered by Martin has a taste of sweetness about it, something Coldplay engineered into many of their tracks over the years. The lyrics so powerfully reflect on a broken relationship, in spite of this, Martin delivers them in a soft angelic manner that clutches at a state of nostalgia. Lyrics such as “And I just got broken, broken into two, Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you” enhance the euphoric emotions associated as I look back at something so ‘magic’ but now broken and will only remember the good times. The track presents itself with a bass-heavy nearly electronic inflected groove full of warbling synths that without the guitar reverb and the falsetto intones by martin would sound like anything other than a Coldplay track. Thankfully, his lingering voice proves it to be vintage Coldplay.

The song gives insight into the breakup of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. It reflects on the relationship with a sense of pride “call it magic” he sings, “call it true”, he knows that the bond they share is more special than anything else. Regardless of how the relationship ended, he still wants her back because he doesn’t want “anyone else but you”.
The closing line gives hope of a forthcoming resurgence of mutual affection. “After all that we’ve been through” he still believes that there is a chance.. if she was to entertain the thought once more.

Mt Dandenong: Cycling

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Mt Dandenong: Cycling

I recently had the opportunity to ride up Mt Dandenong which is located just out of the Melbourne CBD, what an amazing place, the forrest spilling over the roads and the mist drawing us further up the mountain. With just the sound of birds chirping and heavy panting from mainly myself and not my counterpart, we reached the tourist lookout and rested for a brief moment before making a few more descents and climbs. With a downpour of rain every so often coupled with moss growing on the edge of the roads, flying down on a tire only a few cm’s thick at speeds in excess of 60kmhr (nothing compared to professional speeds) I was experiencing a mix of emotions between terror and pure exhilarating joy.

Leaning in to the corners with my fingers going numb and not knowing if the brakes were being applied, I was so thankful to have returned home without a scratch, this only left me wanting more, so over the easter weekend we went out on three more ‘tour de victoria’ stages which I managed to film using my GoPro black edition mounted on the bikes. With trips including CBD-Mentone return at night time back along the yarra, Torquay to Lorne (including Deans Marsh) and return and a Yarra Bend ride, With some great footage I have been editing together for a short clip to post in the coming weeks.

Just this weekend alone gave me a taste of how incredibly skilled professional cyclists are and deserve a lot more respect than they get, I know I will be saluting them as I pass them on the roads from now on.

I look forward to the next time the chance comes to get back on the bike and feel the burn! If you haven’t experienced it, then jot it down and get out there sometime, you won’t regret it!


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