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Liverpool YNWA

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Liverpool FC travelled to Australia in 2013 to play an exhibition match against Melbourne Victory at the MCG. The first time Liverpool has ventured down under as a team.  With one of the biggest followings of any sporting team throughout the world, it was no shock to everyone that a sea of red filled the stadium for the game.  As is the tradition of liverpudlian matches, the stadium erupted with all 95,000 fans belting out a boisterous rendition of the famous “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Its one of those moments you can watch over and over and still get goosebumps.

To experience that atmosphere is something dreams are made of, I can’t imagine the motivation it would inject you with as a player in the middle of the pitch preparing to fight and hearing your 12th man (the 95,000 collective) amp you up for the game.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to experience the atmosphere at a Manchester Utd v Chelsea match at Old Trafford, although I don’t support either of the teams, it was another tick off the bucket list.  With fans divided and passionate venomous chants being hurled through the air at one another its hard not to be swept up in the moment and join in! just one tip, always support the home team if you aren’t sure (for safety precautions).


Comment for discussion below, or if you have another example!



GoPro Onde catamaran trailer

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Was playing around with GoPro studio’s to paste this together in about 5minutes, the new 2.1 software has a few improvements and for the slow motion, instead of using third party software such as Twixtor I simply reduced the Fps to 24, it works well but if i was to dedicate a video to slow motion clips, using a more advanced process would result in a much smoother clip.

Have just downloaded the trial for FCP and am excited to play around with all the features, have been using the basic iMovie provided by OSX, which is great for producing amateur videos.. but i would love to purchase FCP and take full advantage of the advanced API’s to make even better movies. The full video for the day over at Rotto on the Onde Catamaran will be made in FCP and will upload as soon as i get around to it!

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Melbourne: A city

Recently I made the move over east to Melbourne to experience new things and great opportunities.  I have been here for nearly a month and have loved it so far, Melbourne is the type of city which you can do just about anything that may tickle your fancy, theres no excuse to be bored in a city with so many different events and places to see.  For example, the friday of the first week that I was here I went to the Grand Prix that was being held at Albert park not far from where I am staying.  First off, what an unbelievable experience to see the power and speed of a range of sport cars going around the track, it was one to tick off the bucket list for sure.  However, not satisfied with just providing awesome entertainment on the track, the event organisers set up a half pipe and brought Tony Hawk and friends over to woo the crowd with his talents.  With F-18 fighter pilot doing low passes over the crowds and as if this all wasn’t enough I accepted an invitation to go to the opening game of the AFL football season later that night.  An action packed day for sure!

If you are thinking of travelling to Melbourne then don’t hesitate, what an amazing city full of fun things to get involved in.  Just riding through the city on my bike over the weekends you find yourself in the middle of street markets and street performances charged with an infectious vibe that attaches itself to you, and you return home feeling just a little bit more cultured than when you left.

Exciting to think that there is still so much to see!



Golfing with the old dogs

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Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago while I was still in perth, played a round of golf and got some carts for a bit of fun. first golf video, was too busy concentrating on the actual golf aspect rather than getting more footage, didn’t have much to play with but pasted it together for some reasonably good viewing nonetheless.
Music credit to Alt-J and there song ‘dissolve me’, one of my favourite bands, go check them out on iTunes and get the album!


Chasing Dolphins

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Heres a short video I pasted together from the raw footage from a trip to Rottnest Island last year, what a great day it was, a pod of Dolphins wanted to play, so we slowed down and they swam next to us for a few kilometres, such majestic creatures and so effortlessly they kept up with the speed of the boat. Theres a screen shot in the first half of the video where we caught one of them jumping out of the water, pretty amazing to see!

On our most recent trip over to Rotto, we were on the jet ski’s zipping around and a huge pod was swimming by, apparently they don’t like the jet ski’s so we turned off the engine and just floated around with them. Its reassuring to see dolphins when you are out in deep water because it usually means there won’t be any sharks around!!

If you get a chance to go across to Rottnest Island off the Perth coast in Western Australia, jump on it, you won’t regret it!

be curious.

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File Storage

It was a sunday morning when I went to the shops with a fresh $50 bill and purchased my first thumb drive storage device.  Shockingly, it only held 124MB of storage space.  Which for back then I thought to be ample room to hold my school work and music.  If only I knew that just a few years down the track I could spend approximately the same price to buy a storage device that held 1TB which is 10^6 larger than 1MB.  Just to give you a quick run down, there is 1024MB in 1GB and 1024GB in 1TB. We can go even further back to my primary school days where we used floppy discs as storage space which commonly held just 1.44MB! to think that this was acceptable to store our everyday file needs now seems ludicrous when I myself have 5 x 1TB portable HDD and am still running out of space… someone get me a PB HDD! (theres a 1024 TB in a PB).

The thought that technology is improving so rapidly excites me, what can we expect in just a few more years down the track?  If you have any ideas let me know in the comments below and we can discuss.

Explanation of abbreviations:

MB = megabyte

GB = gigbyte

TB = terabyte

PB = petabyte

HDD = harddrive

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Recently had the chance to a Lamborghini for a joyride which was yet another tick off my bucket list. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll own one, yellow of course. My bucket list mostly consists of the intangible, the feeling you get while experiencing something amazing, for example, sky diving, or going to a big sporting event. But we all have a materialistic streak, and this snuck onto the list mainly due to the ‘feeling’ you would get driving it around…

0-100km in 3.7 seconds it smeared my face into the head rest as I accelerated on the open road. But we had to be careful, these cars have GPS trackers on them so the police are alerted immediately if you travel at 10km/hr or more over the speed limit. Taking in the beautiful scenery around us, the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne was an amazing place to drive through, the winding roads leading up and over the mountains, all the while you look over your other shoulder to the ocean. Amazing.

Which would you get if you had the money. Or would you spend a ridiculous amount of money on something more useful?



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