The Eighth Child – King of Pop

Michael, possibly the reason I’m not ashamed to enjoy pop music from time to time.  Although, 2015’s take on this musical genre is a far cry from where the King of pop left it.  With so many hits its hard to not tap your feet or jump up and dance when the poppy beats fill the air.

In his Grammy legends award speech in 1993, he delivered a humbling verse thanking his fans and giving his personal opinion regarding children and why he loves them.  In one heartbreaking moment he confesses his ignorance at the image portrayed of him by the media and how the world viewed him by saying “i wasn’t aware the world thought i was so weird and bizarre”,  Going on to explain the limelight which he was thrust into at the age of 5, robbed him of his childhood.  I can’t imagine growing up in a world minus christmas, easter, birthday celebrations, who knows how I’d turned out.  One thing we have to agree on is that the hard work he put in all the years in front of the world, demands a level of respect reserved in the upper echelons of talent and success.  Critical thinking has taught me not to form an opinion without first researching the subject myself. The media portrayed him in many negative lights during his career, since I wasn’t graced by his company its hard to form a solid opinion of the man himself.  Although, parallels can be drawn strictly between the journeys of MJ and Justin Bieber.  Strictly the journey… not the talent…

Forced into a world under the spotlight, they have both made many mistakes, but if you caught the end of the Bieber Roast, he gave a heart-warming speech about how he regrets some of the decisions he’s made, but hopes to learn from them and grow into a better role model.  Lets, just for a second take away the musical aspect. Focus purely on these people as humans who, just like us who have their insecurities and weaknesses, makes it hard to sit here and tear apart someone with the courage to open up and preach those words.

Those who worked closely with MJ speak about his relentless practice to perfect those dance moves we have all at some point attempted to emulate.. Heres a video of his full performance at the MTV Awards in 1995, if you find a live performance that is more entertaining, id love to see it… because the internet hasn’t provided one yet.

He was on this planet for one reason only, to entertain. So why get caught up in everything that happened off the stage when he brought happiness to hundreds of millions the world over.  Perhaps an ignorant way of looking at the roles of celebrities who are in a position to affect those who look up to him… but for now lets just enjoy 15 minutes of musical entertainment.


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