An Undisclosed Location:

Cut me and I bleed content.

2 people I am familiar with, one more than the other.. headed to the undisclosed location in Perth Western Australia, to inspect a decaying building for a possible photo shoot or Gopro video.  The huge structure, built in the 1950’s, was only in operation until 1985 and has seen a few interesting things in its years. Perhaps a more poignant way of stating it could be “it has seen more than one spoonful of interesting happenings”.  In the 30 years since the doors were closed and window’s boarded up, its snatched the title of most haunted building in the Perth (quite subjective obviously).

Brave enough to enter and you’ll most likely experience a litter of ‘factionless’ individuals who rent (rent free) a room or two while they were practicing their chemistry experiments.  cement canvas’ displaying some incredible art, and not so incredible graff tags.  Our personal favourite was the tag on the ceiling… how? good question… another chemist/artist hybrid I predict.

Lets call it, Graffiti HQ…


Graffiti HQ sits on the coast line with multi-zillion dollar views, approx 10 storey’s high, with rich 50’s style architecture, its aching to be turned into a warehouse apartment building each which can then be sold for $1 zillion (along with everything else in overpriced Perth).  Graffiti HQ was a Power station.  Now, not so much… more like Perth’s very own MoMA (modern art museum) featuring some of the most talented spray painters the coastal city has to offer.


The two people who also shared this audacious attitude to exploring MoMA, tell me… in a very detailed account, so detailed in fact I feel as if I was there myself.. Certainly not though because trespassing is illegal.  So, they shared the experience of wandering the boundary fence to find a hole to climb through and grab some photos.  With cautious steps, they made their way inside the ruin.  Its one of those moments, the history (albeit relatively short) of a building takes your breath away (they told me..).  The hessian used to cover the windows all those years ago when it was shut down, flaps in breeze as the sun rises over the hills.  The rays of light pierce the building through window frames providing enough warmth to stave off hypothermia, joking, we live in Perth.. our winter is comparable to the english summer.


Circular stair cases which appeared to have been half removed to avoid chemists and artists alike from taking their physical beings to the roof and testing Newtons theories of physics.  following my own research on the topic, this has happened on far too many occasions for one to be comfortable ambling around by yourself in this regions.  This brings to fore the haunted nature of the building.  Countless Suicides and nearly half a dozen (known) murders, Graffiti HQ has a coloured past to match its very colourful interior design. If you coupled the absence of light with an eery waterphone ridden soundtrack, you could film a horror movie here with ease.  If you aren’t familiar with a waterphone instrument, click the link and prepare to experience intense goosebumps.  It comes in handy when you are trying to scare friends in a dark house… or yourself.. in said dark house.

The amount of glass from 99% of the broken windows is overwhelming.. not due to the amount of glass shards that could impale themselves on my clumsy leg, overwhelming because it would’ve taken hours and hours/days and years to throw rocks at all the windows to break them… who on earth has that time.  My guess would be the Banksy, blek le rat and SAMO imitator’s waiting for their paint to dry… the only other feasible option would be apprentice chemists killing time while their spoons heat up.  If anyone is familiar with the American TV show ‘Community‘ you’d share the vision to hold an open slather Paintball competition, the prize… winner doesn’t have to pay the trespassing fines…


Hidden tunnels below the warehouse floor are rumoured to hold devil worshipers and the antichrist himself.  These were barricaded by government officials to cease intrusion, I fear this has increased the rate of intrigued people in the area at an exponential rate.  One thing is certain, another trip is definitely on the cards, this place was incredible (they say..).  Next time, an organised photoshoot to represent the stark differences between two lifestyles apparent in one affluent city.  Keep your eye out for the photos.

Stay Curious,


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