Social Media has its pro’s and con’s.  On one hand, it may have taken away the ability to socialise amongst friends, distraction free… on the other hand, its connected old friends and provided us with a chance to engage in community service events like Make-A-Wish’s Batkid adventure in San Francisco in 2014.  Not much else has to be said, but I challenge you to watch the video below and not feel some real human emotion.  This is what I love about where humanity is headed.  With all the negativity forced upon us each day by media outlets and our own personal struggles, crowd sourcing information and services has risen as the personality trait of earthlings in the 21st century.  We all come together as one and form a stronger unit when we work towards a unified goal.  An ant colony* has used this as we have in organised groups within society.  But this is different, we aren’t obliged to come together, I believe thats why the power is 10 fold.  We come to the aid of others because we truly care and want to get involved.

Just up there ^^ I mentioned ant colonies working together to build their home and sustain healthy growth within the walls of their community.  ‘Ant’ movie scene of “be the ball” exemplifies this attitude of strength in numbers.  Perhaps before you watch the Batkid video, rehash your memory on the Antz scene here and have a chuckle before those tears of laughter turn to tears of pure heart-wrenching emotion.


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