If you haven’t already seen the new Model X Tesla SUV that was launched recently by Elon Musk and his band of merry men and women, do your self a favour and watch the below video. The technology present in one car from a company who hasn’t even reached mass production yet, is incredible! Some say too much… I think Elon is giving the rest of us every chance to grab on to one of the newly developed technologies and take it to the next level again.

It’s the dawn of a new age in motoring (sorry rolls Royce, your new ‘dawn’ drop top is cool… But tesla is out of this world)*.

The acceleration, the falcon wing doors, self opening front doors, 17inch touchscreen connected to the net, the huuuuuuuge (Donald trump voice) front windscreen to make you feel as though you are riding in the cockpit of a helicopter, the bioweapon defence button… Ok I’ll stop there but the list of features goes on… These aren’t evolutionary features you’d expect from an automobile developed in the mid 2010’s.. No no! These are revolutionary, the roots of which are not seen in any other car on the market…

The rolls Royce dawn may have an umbrella in the door so you don’t get wet, but you’ll still need a chauffeur to open said door… Whereas a “simple” algorithm triangulates your path to the tesla and elegantly opens the door for you.. then when you sit down it will close the door automatically.  Let’s point out that I’m not comparing the Rolls Royce dawn to the Tesla model X at all! The Tesla however is less than half the price and isn’t a convertible.. With that said, the launch video for the Rolls Royce Dawn is sensuous beyond belief. Go and check it out here.

With battery technology improving faster than we can fill up our combustion engines with black gold, it’s not hard to imagine the vehicle range (km’s on one charge) of an electric car doubling in just a few years.  In a recent interview, Elon boasted the furthest a Tesla Model S had travelled on one full charge was 800km… He then predicted we would hit the 100km range in just a couple of years… around the same time Tesla will be manufacturing completely autonomous cars for the road.  Lets note that general use on roads with varying speeds, a Tesla Model S will churn out about 400-500km with one charge.

I’m not a car person, I am however all about technological innovation.  Elon sure knows how to excite and then deliver.  In an industry usually reserved for Rev heads… The ‘electric’ aspect of the company has attracted a new crowd of followers not seen since Steve Jobs pulled the ‘iPod’ out of his pocket.  Tech heads replace rev heads in this respect.  The car is basically a computer with a chassis. As with most operating systems nowadays, when Tesla updates its own software, it will be automatically installed into the car’s on board computers and ready for the driver to take full advantage of.

Tesla Model X = Computer ; Therefore the risk of being hacked and controlled from an external source looms as a sensitive area of discussion. On-board computers are common place in cars developed after 2000, its relatively simple to use some code hacking through terminal and control a cars engine, breaks, etc if you have brief physical access to the car and plant a piece of trojan software. Tesla hadn’t really addressed and reassured the consumers of their security systems before it had a PR mess to deal with when Technicians exposed half a dozen holes which could be taken advantage of through the linux operating system in the Tesla Vehicles.  One way remote access could be attained is by creating a malicious Website which then if searched and viewed by the owner through the infotainment system could gain passage through the Webkit Vulnerability which allows privilege access to the system and then the ability to control the car.  Tesla provided a patch for the holes and when the owners started up the car they were prompted to accept the software updates on screen.  This presents itself as a major advantage to other car manufacturers who in one case had to mail out USB sticks with software updates to their customers to install (how archaic).

Fair to admit I’ve not been this excited about a car ever.. it comes as no surprise that I’m setting up a test drive with the model S this week here in Perth.  Hanging out to put the foot down and get lost in the Tesla experience.  Watch the Model X SUV launch below presented by Elon Musk himself.

Stay Curious,



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