By Madison Pyke (Guest Blogger) Mother-daughter bonding takes on Australia. After spending no more than 5 weeks at a time with my mum over the past 9 years, (and mind you this time was shared evenly among many family members) we decided it would be a great idea if we spent every hour of an … More Nullarbor

Prevelly awakening

By Madison Pyke (Guest Blogger)   It may have only taken me twenty-three years but I’ve finally found it. I’ve finally found that place that makes me tick; the place that makes me well up at the sheer volume of beauty that is on offer, to those who seek to find it. When I mention … More Prevelly awakening


I am currently sitting in a cafe looking over the city of Brisbane, what an awesome city it is.  My Mum, sister and myself made a trip over to the east coast for my cousins wedding.  They are such beautiful events and this will be no exception!  A family of 5 girls who have dreamt about … More Brisbane

Melbourne Christmas

Ending 2013 the best way possible, Christmas is a special time for everyone, my family and I were lucky enough to spend it in Melbourne with some of our extended family.  Apartment located on Soutbank, perfect for wandering into the city or wherever you want to venture to.  I took a great photo from the … More Melbourne Christmas

Omde: Catamaran

Two friends and myself were lucky enough to board the 110ft Catamaran ‘Omde’ which was moored in a picturesque bay at Rottnest Island off the Western Australian coast. With enough toys to exhaust even the most enthusiastic sea goer, this nautical playground provided plenty of entertainment for a perfect sunday fun day a couple of … More Omde: Catamaran

Shaka Douth

“This is exactly what i needed” With two of my best friends both in town over the festive season, we all caught up down in the southwest of WA for just one night before we each continued our busy lives, or travelling back to the UK as in for matt’s case.  Just 3 guys with … More Shaka Douth