Social Media has its pro’s and con’s.  On one hand, it may have taken away the ability to socialise amongst friends, distraction free… on the other hand, its connected old friends and provided us with a chance to engage in community service events like Make-A-Wish’s Batkid adventure in San Francisco in 2014.  Not much else … More Batkid

Masdar City UAE

After claiming the prize of largest eco-footprint (thats a bad thing), UAE have employed a bunch of visionary city planning architects to develop the first zero emission city housing up to 50,000 inhabitants within a 6km squared dimension (thats a good thing).  Located only 17km south-east from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City already houses a few thousand people, … More Masdar City UAE

File Storage

It was a sunday morning when I went to the shops with a fresh $50 bill and purchased my first thumb drive storage device.  Shockingly, it only held 124MB of storage space.  Which for back then I thought to be ample room to hold my school work and music.  If only I knew that just … More File Storage


The start of a new year brings new hope and exciting adventures, 2014 will be even bigger and better than the previous year, forever improving and not having already experienced our best days! Its up to you to ensure the best days of your life are still to come! To everyone reading this and the … More 2014