Social Media has its pro’s and con’s.  On one hand, it may have taken away the ability to socialise amongst friends, distraction free… on the other hand, its connected old friends and provided us with a chance to engage in community service events like Make-A-Wish’s Batkid adventure in San Francisco in 2014.  Not much else … More Batkid

The Art of Flight

To anyone who hasn’t seen this magnificent piece of cinematography, the trailer below will sure to suck you in and spit you back out into a whole new world.  With amazing slo-motion scenes capturing helicopters performing insane manoeuvres to drop off the dare-devils on snowy peaks to then perform their own insane manoeuvres the whole … More The Art of Flight

Call It Magic

Have been listening to this on repeat, it couldn’t have been released at a more poignant time. The beat courses through my veins and the backbeat plucks at my heart strings so beautifully its as though King David himself is tickling his harp. I’ve found myself zoning to this musing broken relationships, that I wish … More Call It Magic

Liverpool YNWA

Liverpool FC travelled to Australia in 2013 to play an exhibition match against Melbourne Victory at the MCG. The first time Liverpool has ventured down under as a team.  With one of the biggest followings of any sporting team throughout the world, it was no shock to everyone that a sea of red filled the stadium for … More Liverpool YNWA

Chasing Dolphins

Heres a short video I pasted together from the raw footage from a trip to Rottnest Island last year, what a great day it was, a pod of Dolphins wanted to play, so we slowed down and they swam next to us for a few kilometres, such majestic creatures and so effortlessly they kept up … More Chasing Dolphins