Masdar City UAE

After claiming the prize of largest eco-footprint (thats a bad thing), UAE have employed a bunch of visionary city planning architects to develop the first zero emission city housing up to 50,000 inhabitants within a 6km squared dimension (thats a good thing).  Located only 17km south-east from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City already houses a few thousand people, … More Masdar City UAE

Aubrey De Grey

Aubrey De Grey is raising some incredibly difficult issues in Birth and Fatality rates.  If what he is rendering as possible, the ability to slow and eventually control the rate at which we age, do we as humans decide to sacrifice the chance to bring new life into the world because we want to hang … More Aubrey De Grey


The last couple of years at uni have taught me to appreciate and nurture the ability of creation. Whether it’s in the form of paint on canvas, pencil on page, notes on a sheet or lines in Adobe, it’s all stimulating the brain in a way that produces an output which then stimulates another persons … More Illustrator


As the first few weeks of winter roll through with some wild weather and cold nights, everyone welcomes it purely as a relief from the steaming hot summer months.  Here in Australia winter is fairly modest… In perth for example, it may only last for a month before it starts to warm and enthusiasm levels … More Winter

The Art of Flight

To anyone who hasn’t seen this magnificent piece of cinematography, the trailer below will sure to suck you in and spit you back out into a whole new world.  With amazing slo-motion scenes capturing helicopters performing insane manoeuvres to drop off the dare-devils on snowy peaks to then perform their own insane manoeuvres the whole … More The Art of Flight


I am currently sitting in a cafe looking over the city of Brisbane, what an awesome city it is.  My Mum, sister and myself made a trip over to the east coast for my cousins wedding.  They are such beautiful events and this will be no exception!  A family of 5 girls who have dreamt about … More Brisbane