About the Author

My name is Nic Jones, Presiding in Western Australia I spend most of the days conjuring up ingenious ways to prank my friends.. Also ideas to make the world a better place.. by conversing entirely by movie quotes.

This blog was initially started as a project at university, I caught the bug and have been churning out content on numerous blogs since.  The community you can build and engage within is amazing.  If you haven’t had a go at blogging, I would urge you to set one up and give it a go.  It really gives you a transparent medium to existentially analyse your own thoughts. Occasionally I will read back on a post and think to myself “wow is that how I felt”.  I think we should always be growing and learning. End of story. Discriminating on the basis of that education doesn’t make sense. If you are reading this now its already too late.. no… joking.. If you are reading this, it means you have an internet connection and thus access to millions of gigabytes worth of data which can answer those burning questions you hadn’t sourced the answer to.  We really have no excuse in this day and age to not learn.  The only thing I advise is exercising critical thinking.  Not everything we read is gospel, but if you do your homework, then you can build an incredible knowledge base over time. Just get out there and learn!

Win or Learn, there is no lose.

There are no rules to the life we live, they are society’s way of pigeon holing people into areas which need to be occupied.  After all, we have to respect the garbage truck driver, because if he were to ambitious the rubbish wouldn’t move.  Perhaps he was aspirational, and caved under the pseudo pressures we all seem to affected by at one point or another.  I love to challenge the way I think, Challenge the world and the way we occupy our planet.  Those conventional norms which seem to be set in stone, Challenge them.. because how else can we push humanity forward.

If you are interested in contacting me for guest blog articles or collaboration work, or are just curious to learn more.. Email me at curiouslyminty@gmail.com


Thanks for being a part of something special.


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